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Cincinnati businesses can greatly increase their profits by improving their search engine rankings. The main reason for this is simple – if your website performs better in organic search then you will not need to spend money on paid ads. We have assisted businesses with improving their web presence. Contact us online or by telephone if you are hoping to improve your web presence. We also have offices in Dayton and serve businesses throughout Ohio.

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Cincinnati web designers assisting with search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is more straightforward than many web designers would have you believe. Legitimate SEO involves two steps. First, it requires building out your website in a way that complies with the best practices of the search engines. This includes the structuring of elements on your pages, the inclusion of appropriate metadata, ensuring that your website loads quickly, etc. Second, optimizing your site for search requires that you provide the type of content that the users of search engines are actually looking for. Following these two pillars will assist you with getting more search traffic without paying for ads. In other words, legitimate optimization allows you to build a sustainable web presence without incurring large monthly advertising costs or paying high monthly rates to SEO companies. Below are just a few quotes from clients who have followed this approach:

Prior to our site’s redesign, we had never received an organic online inquiry. With this new approach, we receive a high volume of contacts through the website and it has changed our business.”

Cory Heitz

PREP Athletics

Prior to working with Modern Website Design our business was based on referrals and face-to-face meetings. Now we are receiving online inquiries and getting customers through the web.

Justin LeBrun

LMS Consulting

We have a proven track record in terms of helping clients with search results. The founder of our company has built multiple websites that were later acquired due to their high search ranking. We have assisted in helping other companies to improve their search presence and, in turn, improve their business. We will use your initial consultation/appointment to learn more about your business and to identify your target audiences. We will then develop a strategy to reach those audiences. This will include both the build of your website as well as developing the content needed to reach your potential customers. Contact us today to learn more about our approach.

SEO company gaining results for customers in Cincinnati, Dayton, & other Ohio regions

We measure how successful we have been in helping you by one simple metric – whether or not you are receiving more online inquiries. We are proud of the results we have obtained, not just for those in our state but throughout the country. We stand by our approach and we look forward to helping you with your business. If you are in need of a Cincinnati SEO company then contact us today. We will assist you whether you are in our metro area, Dayton, other Ohio areas, or anywhere else in the U.S.

How do Cincinnati companies benefit from SEO?

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The benefits that Cincinnati companies receive from proper SEO are twofold – they can make more money while reducing overhead and saving time. The reasons for this are straightforward – when your website has earned high organic search placement then potential customers will find you without your business spending money on ads and without you going out to meet potential customers face to face.

First, if your online strategy revolves around pay-per-click marketing, then you spend additional money every time that someone clicks through to your website. Obviously, this can become expensive very quickly. Organic search placement, (which is when a site appears without paying for advertising), by contrast, means that you capture people performing a search without paying any additional money. As explained below, in our answer regarding pay-per-click marketing, the return on investment for an SEO strategy quickly becomes obvious. Getting more clicks, without paying more for ads, means more profits for your business.

Second, many companies spend a great deal of time drumming up business. This time can be spent in the form of going to networking events, going to trade shows, cold calling people, etc. The time spent on such activities is taken away from the most important thing – your customers. By having search placement that stays in place, and yields recurring new customer contacts, a business owner can save the large amount of time that many spend trying to “hustle up” new business. Focusing on search engine optimization can give businesses an edge.

How should one choose an SEO company?

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Talking to an SEO company can be confusing for business owners. Such companies tend to throw out an array of technical terms and can make the process seem overly complicated. Choosing someone to optimize your website, however, can boil down to two simple things. These things are making sure that the company you choose is focused on the build and content of your website, and also making sure that they are not focusing on “offsite” or “black-hat” techniques, such as engaging in link schemes or keyword stuffing.

Legitimate search engine optimization revolves around the build and content of your website. In terms of the build, your website must be constructed in a way that is consistent with guidelines that are publicly available from the search engines. These guidelines involve structuring the content on any given page, structuring page titles, making sure browsers can load your website properly, and more. It is also crucial to make sure that the content of your website is relevant to the terms which people are entering in the search engines. Making your content relevant, useful, and keeping from being “spammy” or “keyword stuffed” is crucial.

All products built by Modern Website Design are constructed with both your potential customers and search engines in mind. Furthermore, we assist with the creation of content which makes you relevant to search engines such as Google and Bing.

When choosing an SEO company, Ohio businesses should select one that focuses on the build and content of your website, as opposed to “offsite” techniques. We find that the former is a recipe for long-term success while the latter, in addition to coming with large ongoing costs, is a path to your site being punished by the next search engine algorithm update.

Our search engine optimization results for companies in Ohio & other areas

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We have assisted businesses in Ohio, and throughout the United States with increasing their organic web traffic. It is not uncommon for us to be told that a client had never received a lead through their website prior to hiring us. Many such clients now receive a substantial amount of their business through the web. Moreover, we do not suggest to people that they pay for expensive online ad campaigns, such as pay-per-click. We are proud of the results we have obtained for customers and we stand by our work.

My web traffic has gone up substantially and, importantly, my revenue is at an all time high. What’s great is that my overhead has actually gone down due to the Modern Website Design approach.

Attorney Bretton Barber

Barber Law Group

I worked with an online marketing company which had me paying substantial amounts for digital ads. Modern Website Design has helped my business become highly successful and we avoid other advertising.

Attorney Kari Molnar

Molnar Family Law

What to avoid when hiring an SEO company

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It is important to realize that hiring the wrong SEO company can result in harm to your business. If a company engages in “black-hat” techniques then your site runs the risk of being punished, or even completely excluded, by search engines. As explained above (how to choose an SEO company), legitimate optimization revolves around the build & structuring of your site as well as it’s initial content, and an ongoing content strategy. Many so-called “optimizers,” however do not involve themselves in the build or design of your site and they do not assist with the creation of content. In other words, such companies are claiming to help your site while ignoring the two most important aspects of search engine optimization.

Companies that hold themselves out as providing assistance, while ignoring the techniques described above, tend to engage in what Google considers to be “link schemes.” This involves attempting to synthetically gain links to your site from other websites. It is important to understand that Google frowns on such activities. Engaging in such conduct can result in your website disappearing from search the next time Google updates their algorithms. To make matters worse, companies that use such practices tend to charge large monthly fees for their “services.” By focusing on proper optimization of your website, you can improve search performance in a way that is enduring. Following proper techniques from the outset also means that you will not pay large monthly costs, which many self-proclaimed SEO companies charge while providing questionable value.

Should Ohio companies use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

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We do not suggest that companies engage in pay-per-click advertising. The reason for this is twofold. First, many companies, in Cincinnati and elsewhere in Ohio, who have used PPC quickly learn that it is prohibitively expensive for most. Second, search engine optimization can yield a much higher return on investment than PPC.

It is not uncommon for businesses in some industries to pay $10, $20, or even $100 for a single click from a PPC campaign. While this form of advertising can certainly yield business, it is important to understand that we are regularly told by businesses that much of the revenue that they earned from such advertising just went back into paying for the advertising. For obvious reasons, this is not sustainable.

Optimizing your website for search can result in a much better return on investment. Imagine a company that has a page or a blog post which performs well in organic search. The cost of every click, through those organic results, is zero. This means, for example, that receiving five, ten, or a thousand clicks does not require paying more money. Now suppose that a company is paying $10 per click in a PPC campaign. Five clicks would cost $50, ten would cost $100, and one thousand clicks would cost $10,000. The problem with this approach is obvious. We do not use PPC in our own business and we do not suggest that clients do either.

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