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Being a realtor is often both exciting and frustrating. Helping people with the buying and selling of their homes can be both fulfilling and rewarding. The constant race of trying to find clients, however, is often exhausting and causes many to exit the profession. One of the struggles for real estate agents and brokerages is finding a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. A quality web presence is one of the best ways of doing so. Building a website which stands out, as opposed to relying on the stock web template provided by one’s brokerage, shows your customers that you care about your business. Also, including functionality which allows clients to search the MLS, and which automates follow ups, helps to grow one’s business. Our realtor marketing & website design services focus on building an online presence which helps you to stand out from the competition. Contact us today to get started.
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Real Estate Website Design Company Helping Agents And Brokerages To Stand Out

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Real estate agents and brokerages regularly receive cold calls from companies offering to build their web presence. Many of these companies also claim to offer assistance to realtors or brokerages in otherwise growing their business. These companies, however, tend to have little experience in terms of what real estate professionals need from their online presence, how to effectively manage mailer campaigns in order to get new listings, etc. This means that any new website which is built is not likely to provide the level of value needed to meaningfully impact one’s business. We believe in a better way. Our approach is focused on helping you to obtain leads in the most efficient way possible and then keeping them in your sales funnel.

Our approach to real estate website design focuses on giving you the tools you need to succeed. First, we will design a product with SEO in mind. Second, we will integrate IDX functionality into this product so that you may display listings from the MLS and have functionality which allows people to search for homes directly from your website. The same tools we use to integrate the MLS also provide email follow up/drip marketing functionality so that your customers can receive automated emails informing them when new homes, which fit their criteria, hit the market. These emails will be branded under your name. We also offer insights to assist you with making your mailing campaigns more effective which, in turn, yields more listing leads. We are familiar with the realty industry and look forward to being of assistance. Contact us online or by telephone to get started.
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Ongoing Website Support For Realtors And Brokerages

Our team understands that your website must be maintained after it launches. We offer services to ensure that there are no issues and that your MLS integration, and other functionality, operates as it should as time goes on. We also offer ongoing consulting and IT support to our clients. We focus on your web presence and technology infrastructure so that you may focus on the most important thing – your customers. It is our goal to make your business more efficient so that you may, in turn, sell more real estate.

Do Realtors Need Their Own Website?

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The short answer is “yes.” There are a variety of reasons why realtors should have their own website. First, it allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition; many other agents will simply be using the “template” page which is provided by their brokerage. Many others will not even bother to set up the template page. By having your own website, you send a message to your clients that you are serious about your business. Also, your own website allows you to have an online presence which is optimized for search engines which, in turn, can help you to grow your business.

Having your own website also allows you to integrate the MLS directly into your online presence. This means that your clients can browse homes while being exposed to only your branding. This helps to ensure that your customers remain your customers.

What Is IDX And Why Do Realtors Need It?

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“IDX” stands for “Internet Data Exchange.” This is simply the name of the technology which is used to integrate the MLS into your website. Using this technology on your website allows for many benefits. First, individuals may search for homes directly on the realtor’s website and, since they do not leave the page, they are never exposed to any other branding. Also, our solutions allow for people to create an account on your website and save homes which they are interested in. Furthermore, our approach allows for people to receive automated emails, under your name, which show them new listings which fit their criteria. These systems, when combined, help to improve your follow up process and make people more likely to buy a home from you.

Do Realtors Benefit From “SEO?”

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Again – the answer is “yes.” Improving your search placements means potential customers can find you without your having to spend money on ads. We have assisted with search engine optimization on realty websites and are proud of the results we have obtained. By focusing on adding the proper pages and making sure that your website is built with Google’s best practices in mind, you can help to increase your chances of doing well in search.

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