Top Tier Fishing

This membership website connects colleges to high school athletes who are hoping to earn a fishing-related scholarship. The is a “membership” website, meaning that individuals sign up through the site and pay a monthly fee to be a member. It is loaded with...

Barber Law Group

This website features a responsive design, “click to call” functionality, as well as an integrated contact widget which floats with the user and appears on each page of the website. Visit Website

LMS Consulting

This website is mobile friendly through it’s featuring of a responsive design. It also includes downloadable content which businesses of this type require as well as an integrated blog. Visit Website

Dayton Author Website

This website showcases the work of a Dayton author. In addition to being mobile-friendly, it allows fans of the author to purchase her books through Amazon. Visit Website

Prep Athletics

This website features a responsive design – meaning it is mobile friendly. The site is also integrated with email capture software for the purpose of creating online newsletters. Visit Website