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Few industries are as competitive as the legal profession. Growing a practice is challenging due to the level of competition. Taking the correct approach to your online presence is the most important part of having a steady stream of clients and making sure that revenue continues to increase. Many companies hold themselves out as assisting attorneys with growing their business. At the end of the day, unfortunately, many of these companies take the wrong approach when it comes to growing your practice in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our lawyer marketing and website services are different in this regard. We focus on providing you with web assets which you will own at the end of the day, and which provide a return on investment which increases over time. We have been assisting attorneys with growing their practice since 2013 and are proud of the results we have obtained. Contact us today to get started.

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Attorney Website Design Company Helping Law Firms To Grow Their Online Presence

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It is not uncommon for lawyers to receive calls from companies who promise to “get them to the top of Google.” Furthermore, there are plenty of companies which hold themselves out as “lawyer marketing” agencies. At the end of the day, these companies typically offer little value to a law firm. Their approach will largely revolve around getting a lawyer to spend large amounts of money on pay-per-click marketing with the company taking a large “management fee” for the PPC campaign. There are two large problems with this approach. First, when you rent ad space from third-parties, you do not own an asset at the end of the day. Second, renting your marketing presence means that your efforts today do not build and compound upon your efforts from yesterday. This leaves many lawyers struggling to grow their business and feeling as if they are running on a treadmill. We take a different approach in which we make you the owner, and not the renter, of your online presence. This allows you to perpetually build upon your efforts and to grow your practice in a sustainable way.

Our approach to designing and maintaining an attorney’s website is different from many of our competitors. First, we do not suggest that you spend your money on pay-per-click advertising or other avenues which leaves you renting your online presence from third parties. Instead, we will build a new website for your law firm with SEO in mind and we will continually add content which will generate high quality traffic for months and even years. You do not have to pay for this content on a monthly basis as it is yours – meaning you own it. This allows you to a) get rid of large monthly spends on ads and b) to continue seeing the benefits as time goes on (as opposed to an ad which requires you to pay every time someone clicks it). We will also continually ensure that your website is meeting the latest standards from Google, Bing, and other search engines. This approach has allowed our clients to grow their practices, and reduce their overhead, since 2013. We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients, and we look forward to speaking with you. Contact us today to get started.
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How We Are Different From Other Lawyer Marketing Agencies

Our approach differs from our competition in one core way – we will never suggest you spend money on items which you will not own outright at the end of the day. We will, instead, assist you with the creation of content which you own, maintaining your online reputation through review management, and will assist with the creation of videos which resonate with potential clients. We also offer extensive assistance with improving your firm’s IT infrastructure to improve efficiency. Furthermore, we also assist with sales training with your staff to improve conversions and offer extensive business consulting. In short, it is our goal to help you make more money through an improved marketing approach and a more efficient legal practice.

To learn more about how we have assisted law firms, just hear from some of our clients:

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What Makes Us Different From Other Lawyer Marketing Agencies?

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Many lawyer marketing agencies will attempt to push you into an approach where you are simply renting ad space through third-parties. This can include attempting to get you to spend money on pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and it can also include suggesting that you rent a directory listing. These approaches result in these “agencies” lining their own pockets. In the case of PPC managers, they take a large fee for “managing” your ads even though this requires little labor on their part. Also, it is important to remember they are “managing” ads which you are renting from someone else. This means that they are akin to a landlord’s property manager. In regard to those who would attempt to have you rent directory listings, you are simply renting the house directly from the landlord. These approaches, we believe, are good for the rental managers and landlords, but not for the renter (you).

Our approach is different. We focus on directing resources into items which will bring you business and which you do not have to continually pay for over time. These items can include blog content, which can receive clicks in search for many years, online reviews which you do not pay for and which do not go away, as well as video that requires no additional cost after the initial production. This approach has resulted in our customers’ seeing their revenue regularly increase while keeping their overhead flat, if not reducing it. In short, our approach makes you an owner as opposed to a renter. This approach has been working for our clients since 2013.

Should Lawyers Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)?

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The answer to this question is simple – NO! When you utilize pay-per-click in your law firm you are simply renting ad space from third-parties. This has two massive drawbacks, each of which stems from the fact that you do not own the ad space. First, PPC will lock lawyers into a monthly ad spend. If you spend money on ads this month, and it brings in business, then you have to spend money on ads next month or your business goes to zero. This is due to the simple fact that the ads will disappear once you stop paying for them. Second, there is no compounding effect to ad-based approaches. By this we mean that you don’t receive a compounding monthly benefit due to the fact that the ads are only good for one click before you have to pay again. These are the reasons why PPC results in attorneys paying large amounts of money for ads and not receiving the return they otherwise should.

Our approach can yield better results than a PPC campaign. Consider the following example, in August of 2014 we wrote a blog post for an attorney at a cost of $125. As of October, 2022, that article has received over 10,000 clicks in organic search (and it continues to receive traffic). This means, to date, the blog post has given the attorney web traffic at a cost of just over one cent per click ($125/10,000 = $.0125). If the attorney had utilized pay-per-click, at an average cost of $15 per click, then 10,000 clicks would have cost $150,000. It goes without saying that $125 for this traffic is better than $150,000. This is just one example of how our approach has helped lawyers grow their business while saving them money.

What Is The Return On Investment?

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Any company that will promise you a particular return on investment should not be trusted and does not deserve your time. Our promise to you is that we will take a data-driven approach that has been working for our customers since 2013. This has assisted the lawyers we work with in growing their revenue while keeping their overhead down. One attorney, for example, saw a revenue increase of roughly three hundred percent even though the amount of money he paid for monthly web services decreased.

How Does Your Program Work?

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Our legal marketing and web services program is straightforward. We will construct a website for your firm with the best practices of Google, Bing, and other search engines in mind. We charge a monthly fee for our services and there are no “up front” or “build out” fees. Our service includes our writing of your web content. We only utilize writers who have attended law school or have experience in law firms. We guarantee that your new website will be ready to launch within forty-five days. We then maintain your new website and continue to update it with new content which follows our data-driven approach to growing your web traffic. At the end of your contract, you own the website and all of the content. Should you not wish to renew then we will transfer your web presence to another server. We do not hold your website hostage or “rent” it to you, as do many other providers.

We also assist with the creation of video content, review management, and improvement of your IT infrastructure so that your firm can operate more efficiently. Our goal is to increase your revenue, and decrease your expenses, so that your firm is more profitable at the end of the day.

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