computer with home sale signI’m writing this article to conclude and wrap up my series on how real estate agents and brokerages can improve their marketing. I decided to ramble about discuss this topic due to the fact that many in the real estate field are constantly trying to get leads but, in my less than humble opinion, quite a few go about it the wrong way. By focusing on your web presence, and assets which you own, you can set yourself apart from other agents. My hope is that this series provided information which agents find useful as, in my experience, most receive information that doesn’t have a great track record of success. If you need assistance with improving your online presence then contact us today regarding our web design services. We work with companies throughout the United States.

I’ve addressed several topics over my recent articles. The issues which I’ve looked at included:

There are several reasons why I chose to address these topics. First, many agents simply rely on the single page web template provided by their broker. Even worse is the fact that many don’t have a website at all. Having your own site allows you to control your own branding, sets you apart from other agents, and improves your chances of doing well in search results. Second, incorporating the MLS into your site helps you to make sure that your clients are only exposed to you and it also improves your chances of getting new clients. Third, while the term “search engine optimization” gets thrown around a lot, there’s a difference between legitimate optimization and the snake oil which many are selling. Fourth, most realtors go about their mailers in the wrong way. Taking a data driven approach can greatly improve the profitability of your direct mail campaign. Finally, to show that these approaches work, we heard from Mary Beth Downing of Keller Williams.

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