SEO Icons above keyboardThis article is being written to conclude and wrap up my discussion on how businesses can improve their website’s SEO. I wanted to write on this topic due to the fact most business owners, for obvious reasons, want to improve their search placement. Many, however, aren’t sure as to how they should go about it and this uncertainty is only made worst by the many scammers “agencies” that cold-call them offering to “get them to the top of Google.” The goal of my recent articles was to give a straightforward discussion as to what does, and does not, work in terms of improving your search rankings. Given that I have had multiple websites acquired due to their high search placement, I wanted to share this information. If you need assistance with your online presence, then contact our website designers online or by telephone today.

I dove into a few different topics during this series. The subjects I wrote on included:

There were multiple reasons why I chose to discuss these topics. First, there can be a lot of confusion over what actually constitutes “search engine optimization.” This is due to the fact that many marketers throw the term around, more as a buzzword, in order to sell their services. I explained what constitutes legitimate optimization so that you can know what to look for, and what to avoid, when you’re doing your homework on who to hire. Second, a legitimate company will focus on the build/design of your website as well as your ongoing content strategy. The reason they will focus on these things is simple – it’s what the search engines care about. If a company is talking to you about anything other than the build of your website, or your content strategy, then they aren’t worth talking to. Finally, “agencies” are often engaging in conduct that will simply get you in trouble with the search engines. This includes engaing in “link scams” and more. By avoiding such tactics, you can help to ensure that you don’t get dinged in the next “algorithm update” from the search engines.

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